1. .Pilot
  2. .Terror Tales from the House
  3. . Back to the Future trilogy
  4. . Foosball
  5. . Camping Could Be Cool
  6. . Over the Front
  7. . Thanksgiving Episode(Season Finale)


1.Level Up

2.The Theft

3.High School Party

4.The Big Smart Genius

5.The Wall (the Fletchersons Episode)


1.Back to the Past

2.From Bad to Super Worse

3.Rachel vs Rachel

4.Dance with Parody

5.Fresh Pay

6.Get that Monkey!



1.3D Episode

2.Animal (Episode)

3.The Wizard of OG


5.Biff Meets his Match

6.Malibu Triangle Part 1

7.Malibu Triangle Part 2

8.Time Capsule (The Fletchersons Episode)

9.Smooth Jam in Malibu

10.The Fletchersons Vacation in the Ruins


12.Brain Flitch


1.Toast Busters

2.Zombie Pickle

3.Balance of Flour


5.Burger Insanity

6.Channel Chassers

7.The Class Busters

8.A Graveyard Trip

9.Tobias 2.0

10.The Inside Journey

11.The Fletchersons Go To Japan

12.Mission Code R.E.S.P.O.N.S.I.B.L.E

13.The Secret Origin of Mr. And Mrs. Fletcherson

14.The Fletchersons Meet the Beatles


1.Apple Blowup

2.In Loving Memory of Gary Fletcherson Part 1

3.In Loving Memory of Gary Fletcherson Part 2

4.Planet of the Sharks


6.Memorial Day of The Future

7.The Dounut

8.Terror Tales from the House II

9.Staci (The Fletchersons Episode)

10.Freeze Frame

11.A Matter of Loaf & Death

12.The Glenn Zone


1.Gone with the Wind

2.Killer Queen

3.Star Trek

4.Bob Vs the 18th Enaniment

5.Tobias am the Eggman

6.Fletchersons Home Episode 2013


1.Silvertounge River

2.I, Roommate


4.O'h Bro are we through

5.Pulpit Fliction

6.Blockwork Origin


8.Seaseme Seeds Don't Cut

9.Terror Tales of the House III



1.Snosrehctelf Eht

2.The G2 Blacktop

3.Cheffy's Salty Chocolate Balls

4.Golf Kick

5.Yay Obama!


1.The Day The Earth Stood Still

2.The Words

3.Meet the Fords

4.The Bottomless Hole

5. Awh Dargit! Alone Again


1.A Blown Miracle (The Fletchersons Episode)

2.The Fletchersons Go Washington!

3.Bob's Enemy

4.Big Trouble in the Blacktop Store

5.Bumpkins and Corn Husks (The Fletchersons Episode)


1.He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (The Fletchersons Episode)


3.Meet the Garlands

4.A Meeting with the Morning (The Fletchersons)

5. She Has No Face!


7.The Princess Bride of Cambride (The Fletchersons Episode)

8.Live and Let Explode (The Fletchersons Episode)

9.Come Let us Talk Together (The Fletchersons Episode)

10. Remarrige

11. Joe's Alone

12. Every Day is a Flashback (The Fletchersons Episode)

13. Fierce in Broadcasting (The Fletchersons Episode)

14. Terror Tales of the House V

15. Everybody Loves Micheal Reagan

16. Total Recall

17. Adopted Another Day

18. A Precious Gift (The Fletchersons Episode)


1.Big Trouble in Little Russia

2.Meet the Schlossbergs

3.A Test Before Trying

4.Sideshow Dermott's Last Gleaming

5. Holidays of Future Passed

6. New Year's Eve

7. Ocean's Three and a Half

8. House of Schwarzeneggers (The Fletchersons Episode)


1. Luck of the Irish

2. April Fool's Prank

3. Doom Child

4. Reverse Beauty Queen

5. The Divorce Stepmother of Chris Chubby

6. The Fletchersons Meet The Beach Boys

7. The Ol, George Liverman

8. Terror Tales of the House VI

9. The Man that kept Freaking Out

10. This Little Wiggy

11. "F- Yikies!"

12. The Goose is Juiced

13. Dream Sleeper

14. Easy Weeny, Lemon Greeny!

15. The Road to Japan

16. You Don't Do That on Television, Bob!

17. Fresh Valentine's Kiss

18. Adventures In Fox-sitting

19. Fortune Mail

20. Yabba Dabba, Bang Bang!


1. Viva Las Fletchersons

2. Michael and the Nice Girl

3. Biff Gets Busted

4. Annie Valocvien Returns

5. Fletcherson Safari

6. Blue Honolulu Part 1

7. Blue Honolulu Part 2

8. Impanates D-Frack

9. Uncle Fletcherson

10. Bobapalooza

11. Terror Tales of the House VII

12. Back in Time

13. It's A Fletcherson Christmas

14. A Fletcherson New Years

15. The Path to the Fatherland

16. Mother's Day Blues

17. Bob Knocks 'em Dead

18. Rachel's Secret

19. One Blackout and A Million

20. The Italian Biff


1. Two Halfs of One

2. Trouble with Trump

3. The Coming of Biffism

4. La Missabillies

5. Terror Tales of the House VIII

6. Quantum Leap for One Night

7. A Broad the Northern Sun

8. Nasty Boys

9. Fat Albert and the Chubby Children

10. Fletchersons Roasting on an Open Fire

11. Home Approvement

12. Bobb & Machine

13. A Biffmas Carol

14. Hypnozed

15. A Fletcherson Passover

16. Copy Cat Crisis

17. Underneath a Shadow of Pain

18. The Great Wonders of the Couch

19. Easter Fever

20. Misadventures in Paisley Park

21. Dancin' Bob

22. Rachel's Birthday


1. The Vengeance of Priscilla Part. 1

2. The Vengeance of Priscilla Part. 2

3. The Vengeance of Priscilla Part. 3

4. Tripple Dog Dared Twice

5. Holidays of Future Beyond (The Fletchersons Episode)

6. Presty Valockvien' Feelin Convention

7. Come As You Are (The Fletchersons Episode)

8. Stuck Up and Nobb

9. Waking Up In Washington D.C

10. Greetings from the Wilcox Bunch

11. Manhattan Madness

12. Married to the Flagg

13. Biff Doesn't Live Here Anymore

14. Princess Strikes Back

15. A Fork in Friendship

16. The Great Smith Caper

17. Terror Tales of the House IX

18. Close to Home

19. The Fletchersons Second Thanksgiving Special

20. A Christmas in Moscow

21. The Heartbroken Kid

22. Our Families Choices


1. Dial "D" for Diet

2. All About Rachel

3. Seven Misbehaving

4. Malibu Masquerade

5. Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Breakfast?

6. Bossa Nova Annie

7. The Boys Hit the Road

8. My Big Fat Elevator Climbing Factor

9. Sister Has A Rollin' Brother

10. Deep Space Bob

11. How Scrunched is That Bike out the Window?

12. Return to Offender

13. The New Kid Next Door

14. Point Break

15. Blah Blah Land

16. Throw Bobby from the Swede

17. Rachel the Palm Tree Hugger

18. For Whom The Bell Trolls

19. Bob in the Lion's den

20. Exit Through The Mr. Milkshake Cafe

21. Game of Scones

22. 15 Siblings and A Half and Counting

23. Terror Tales of the House X


1. Glenn The Ladies Man

2. Night of the Living Homeless

3. Staci’s Choice

4. Pet Day

5. Pranksta Rap

6. Sweet and Sour Margaret

7. TBA

8. TBA

9. TBA

Sound Recorded RidesEdit

.The Fletchersons 4-D (attraction)